Results of the VII African Kurash senior champs

121On Monday May 19, 2008 the Moroccan city Agadir hosted the major African continental event. The VII African senior champs gathered players and officials from more than 20 countries of the continent, namely Morocco, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, both Congos, Senegal, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Guinea, Gabon, Mauritius, Madagascar and others. The largest continental African event so far featured all male and six female weight categories.

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The list of prizewinners of the event is as follows:


Under 60 kg
1. JACOBS Laurens (RSA)
2. SYLLA Antoine (Guinea)
3. TABA Rodrigue (D.R. Congo)
3. ELKAWESAH Mohamed (Libya)

Under 66 kg
1. ELKAWESAH Ahmed (Libya)
2. NDIAYE Mame Birane (Senegal)
3. EDSON Madeira (Mozambique)
3. ABDOU Hassane (Niger)

Under 73 kg
1. SECK Abdoulaye (Senegal)
2. AUGUST Marlon (RSA)
3. PAULIN Mcleon (Mauritius)
3. FAD Seyni (Niger)

Under 81 kg
1. MOUNAWAH Mike (Mauritius)
2. ABDULBARI Ghit (Libya)
3. DISASI Atosa (D.R. Congo)
3. MONNE Hermann (Burkina Faso)

Under 90 kg
1. TREZISE Patrick (RSA)
2. MALIK Naindou (Niger)
3. LOKUKU Kewani (D.R. Congo)
3. VYTHILINGUM Ricardo (Mauritius)

Under 100 kg
1. NDIAYE Bara (Senegal)
2. TACHROUNE Youssef (Morocco)
3. AZIE Jean Paul (Mauritius)
3. MUSHI Ndibu (D.R. Congo)

Over 100 kg
1. EL MALKI El Mehdi (Morocco)
2. YOUNG Paul (RSA)
3. LEVEILLE Andy (Mauritius)


Under 48 kg
1. ILENDOU Mboumba (Gabon)
2. DJAMILA Hassane (Niger)
3. SEYDI Mame Cira (Senegal)
3. GHARBI Ferdaousse (Morocco)

Under 57 kg
1. KARROUMI Hanane (Morocco)
2. AIT Ali Fatima Zahra (Morocco)
3. BATTEN Tanita (RSA)
3. CHAKIR Fatima Zahra (Morocco)

Under 63 kg
2. ALI OUALLA Aida (Morocco)
3. HANE Cecille (Senegal)
3. KAANAN Houda (Morocco)

Under 70 kg
1. LOOTS Marisca (RSA)
2. MANDAR Sanae (Morocco)
3. BUANGA Misenga (D.R. Congo)

Under 78 kg
1. YUSUF Vivian (Nigeria)
2. THIAM Aissata (Senegal)
3. GUALLAB Ikram (Morocco)

Over 78 kg
1. AYUBA Adijat (Nigeria)
2. BOLLY Racky (Senegal)
3. HERBU Christina (Mauritius)
3. KILALI Rania (Morocco)

The photo above features the awarding ceremony in over 78 kg females

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