African champs results

afr03On June 30, 2003 Carousel, Pretoria in Republic of South Africa hosted the III African Continental Championships among senior male and female Kurash players. This year the main continental event of the season gathered players from 16 countries from all over African continent, and some states from other parts of the world, namely South Africa, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Cameroon, Libya, Angola, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Mali, Great Britain, Ireland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Mozambique. For the first time the Kurash event was participated by the delegates representing the Arabic counties of the northern Africa.

The results of the championships are as follows:


Under 60 kg
1. W. Stoffels (RSA)
2. N. Sibande (RSA)


Under 66 kg
1. A A Djibo (Niger)
2. G Antalika (Mauritius)
3. J Manseline (Mauritius)
3. A Prins (RSA)

Under 73 kg
1. E Bernard (Cameroon)
2. M Jago (RSA)
3. L Collet (Mauritius)
3. P Maclean (Mauritius)


Under 81 kg
1. F French (RSA)
2. S Attaf (Morocco)
3. B M Ali Hamid (Libya)
3. M Rigobert (Mauritius)


Under 90 kg
1. J P Azie (Mauritius)
2. J Durhone (Mauritius)
3. K Nazirou (Mali)
3. E Victor (RSA)


Under 100 kg
1. G Venter (RSA)
2. J Martial (Mauritius)


Over 100 kg
1. A Filicite (Mauritius)
2. M Montgomery (Ireland)
3. P. Young (RSA)
3. A.C. Van Zyl (RSA)



Under 48 kg
1. D Moothoo (Mauritius)
2. T Basson (RSA)


Under 52 kg
1. H Diedhiou (Senegal)
2. M Ravina (Mauritius)
3. R Begue (Mauritius)


Under 57 kg
1. M M Soumah (Guinea Conakry)
2. S Thornhill (RSA)
3. C Lombaard (RSA)
3. R Kirsten (RSA)


Under 63 kg
1. H Moller (RSA)
2. N Sevayen (Mauritius)
3. F Keita (Senegal)
3. N Legoff (Mauritius)


Under 70 kg
1. A Morreira (Angola)
2. P De Kock (RSA)


Under 78 kg
1. A Jennyfer (Mauritius)
2. M Durhone (Mauritius)
3. C Okodombe (Cameroon)
3. P Chery (Mauritius)


Over 78 kg
1. N Antou (Mauritius)
2. L Vosloo (RSA)

Along with the main continental event, the RSA’s Kurash federation held the national championships among female and male playersaged under 20 in weight categories under 46, 50, 55, 60, 66 kg among males and under 40, 44, 48, 52, 57 kg among females. This championships was held as the qualifying round for the upcoming III World Kurash Championships among juniors aged under 20.

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