Results of the IV World Junior Championships


From 17 to 21 October 2006 the capital of the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo hosted the IV World Junior Kurash championships. The event was very successful with about 200 male and female players representing almost 40 countries competing for medals of the world champion.


On 18 October Santo Domingo also hosted the VII Ordinary Congress meetings of the IKA. The congress members discussed several important topics related to promotion of the sport of Kurash in coming years. In particular the President of the IKA Mr. Komil Yusupov was re-elected for the new 4 year term, Mr. Jagdish Tytler (India) and Mr. El Jamali El Arabi (Morocco) were elected to the IKA’s Directing Committee in positions of First Vice President and Sports Director respectively. The Congress members also discussed the calendar of major championships and tournaments in 2007, and elected the venue for the VI World Senior Kurash championships. Greece in competition with four more candidates won the election to host this main event in 2007.


The number of participants as well as participating nations was a record breaking one for the world junior Kurash championships, which were launched by the IKA in 2000. This event differed from the previous ones with that none of any participating countries managed to win more than two gold medals. It shows the growing level of Kurash in different countries and continents, which eventually leads to more spectacular and unexpected results, like the one of final bout in under 73 kg men in which the Greek player widely acknowledged as a favorite lost to the opponent from Trinidad and Tobago.


Prize winners


Under 60 kg
1. GORDAEV Alexandros (Greece)
2. VANZYL Gideon (South Africa)
3. OCHILOV Elbek (Uzbekistan)
3. BENCE Zambori (Hungary)


Under 66 kg
1. LUCACS Jozset (Hungary)
2. HUDOYBERDIEV Suhrob (Uzbekistan)
3. ALIAKBARY Elyas (Iran)
3. PENA Ramon (Guatemala)


Under 73 kg
1. BIVIECA Fausto (Trinidad Tobago)
2. KVASILAVA Vasileios (Greece)
3. APRAHAMIAN Mikael (Uruguay)
3. GUZMAN Juan (Bolivia)


Under 81 kg
1. JAGO Mathew
2. ZINTIRIDIS Vazia (Greece)
3. MARTINEZ Mauricio (Nicaragua)
3. IRAJ Amirkhani (Iran)


Under 90 kg
1. MASMANDIS Teodoro (Greece)
2. KABILOV Botir (Uzbekistan)
3. MADARDSZ Tamas (Hungary)


Open weight category
2. BELETSKYI Denis (Ukraine)
3. MEYLIEV Fazlidin (Uzbekistan)
3. PEREZ Manuel (Dominican Republic)



Under 52 kg
1. MAROS Barbara (Hungary)
2. MEJIA Merys (Dominican Republic)
3. MONTANO Rosa (Bolivia)
3. ARACENA Anneris (Haiti)


Under 57 kg
1. GARCIA Maria (Dominican Republic)
2. SANTANA Wilda (Venezuela)
3. MELLA Maria (Guatemala)
3. PINEDA Adriana (Costa Rica)


Over 70 kg
1. MAVLONOVA Mashkura
2. CASTRO Particia (Dominican Republic)
3. SANCHEZ Raysa (Panama)

21 October 2006

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