Photo 1. Rock carvings or petroglyphs found in the Tangri cave in the northern part of the Tien Shan mountain range featuring two Kurash players in action. Belongs to the Patriarchal period (more than 4 000 years B.C.)


Photo 2. The decoration of the saddle made of bronze. Both sides of the saddle have the same composition. Belongs to the Saks-Scythian tribes. V century B.C.


Photo 3. The silver scoop with ornament. Its outer diametric surface features six different scenes including a Kurash competition. V century A.D.


Photo 4. The silver bowl with handle. Its rich decoration is minted in miniature style. The surface of the handle is decorated with scenes of a Kurash competition. V century A.D. It was discovered in the Chelak village near Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Then it was taken to the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and presently is owned by the German History Museum.


Photo 5. The wall-painting featuring two Kurash players from Sogdiana. Discovered in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. VII century A.D.


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